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Fight the Summer Frizz

Today is the first say of spring. While I woke up to frost on my car windows, I’m still very much excited. I even open my sun roof! I mean we are that much closer to summer!!! I’m all about heat and warm sun. The one thing I don’t like is HUMIDITY! I know every girl who has hair will agree. There is nothing worse than when you take the time to blow out your hair and the minute you go outside POOF. Hahaha half of the time I’m ready for another shower before I even get to the ironing. Who can relate?

before treatment. Blown out and flat ironed

While spring time isn’t hot and humid on the cape, it can be quite damp. With all that moisture in the air your hair is just waiting to suck it up. There for creating frizzy, bushy, unruly hairstyles.

Smoothing treatments are quite popular around this time. But which one is right for you?? That really depends on what exactly it is you are looking for. Are you looking to smooth the curls a little or a lot? Just take away frizz? What if you have straight hair but want to debulk and add shine? There are so many things a smoothing treatment can do. What a smoothing treatment won’t do is make it

straight. I think that’s were some get confused. You will have shiny, smoother, healthier hair that dries in less time but your curls will still be there just relaxed and softer.

After Treatment


My favorite smoothing system is INCA GLOW. It is not a keratin however, it is an Amino

acid complex. So what is that??? How can that smooth your hair? Well for starters it has a

natural organic formula with NO FORMALDEHYDE. So your lungs won’t feel like you are suffocating when it comes to the ironing part.

The active ingredients are :

  • Inca Oil which is rich fatty acids (Omega 3,6, and 9.)

  • Glycolic acid which exfoliates the hair shaft

  • Lactic acid relaxes and smooths the hair

  • and other amino acids complete the all-natural formula.

All natural is right up my alley!!! I can tell you honestly as someone who has had the treatment done, it definitely makes a difference.

My hair was more of an ugly wave haha and lots of it. Before the treatment it would take about 30 minutes and then an iron, and a spray, oil, a little more ironing and a little more spray. All that should have been a sign to make sure I got my treatment in June before all my outside weddings and events. Sadly I didn’t and the pictures all show it 🤦🏼‍♀️. By my last wedding I was on point!! HAHA.

With the smoothing treatment I can dry it in about 10 mins. Sometimes I won’t even need to use any type of iron. Its nice knowing Inca Glow is gentle enough to use on anyone. My middle daughter who is 12 has long hair that has different texture through out. It was too much for her to handle so we tried it on her. What a relief it was to have her able to do her own hair lol. She still had her curls but they were way more manageable and the shine was so pretty.


Glow can be done in two ways, an express application or your basic application.

Basic Smoothing treatment takes about 2 hours (depending on hair length and curl)

**last from 12 to 16 weeks depending on your lifestyle.

An express application is applied after shampoo and before blow drying. So usually 45 minutes from start of appointment to finish. The express treatment **lasts up to 4 weeks.

**Using professional Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner and once a week Masque for aftercare will help insure your INCA GLOW lasts.

If you have hair who hates humidity, frizzes, or lacks shine, I would definitely recommend it.



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