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Is it seasonal or something more?

Let's talk real quick about hair shedding.

A common phrase I hear is "Is it normal to loose this much hair? I'm shedding so bad."

Did you know that your hair has a growth cycle? That it grows faster in the summer than in the winter? It's more than just the hot sun☀️shining down on ya, but I'm sure that helps! Your hair has a growth cycle that consists of three stages. Knowing these will help you figure out if its seasonal or hormonal hair loss. On average a healthy head of hair will shed 80 strands a day. Unless you counted the number of hairs shed per day, it’s not likely you will figure out if your hair loss is simply seasonal or the beginning of something more serious.

Hair Growth Stages

Stage 1~ Anagen. This is the growth phase. This phase lasts between 3~5 years. Your hair can grow around 1/2 inch a month. Did you know Asian hair can stay in the anagen stage for closer to 7 years.😱

Stage 2~ Is Catagen phase. This phase is a very short one that only lasts 10 days.This is where the lower portion of the hair follicle regresses and hair growth ends.

Stage 3~Telogen Phase. This phase is where the hair rest. Basically the shedding process.

Once your hair reaches the telogen phase that follicle will then rest for 3 months before stage 1 starts again.

Luckily for us each follicle is on its own growth cycle or we would loose all our hair at one time.

So now that we covered your basic hair growth let's get to the shedding. There are two types of common hair shedding. Seasonal and Hormonal.


You usually see this at the end of summer/fall time or winter/spring. The changes in the seasons tend to push them into the telogen phase.

Seasonal hair shedding lasts

about three months.









So now that we have touched on the reasons the shedding happens, you must be thinking "What can I do to help this?" Well more than you probably thought.

What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your scalp. Eating a clean non processed food diet, taking supplements containing a vitamin B Complex, zinc, selenium and magnesium.

Using products like Davines NATURALTECH ENERGIZING dedicated to problems of fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out and for preventive treatments will reduce hair loss by -23% and increase hair density of +5%.

The super active ingredient is caffeine therefore it is not recommended for pregnant women.

The Energizing line is a 3 month treatment You need to follow the directions as told for the prescription to be effective. Once you have finished your 3 months, You will need to cycle off for 4-6 weeks.

Stimulating products for scalp and fragile hair
Davines NaturalTech Energizing

Using Davines NaturalTech Well-Being shampoo and conditioner in between your treatment is ideal. It is perfect for all hair types. Then start back up with your NaturalTech Energizing prescription.

Moisturizing protective and toning product for all hair types
Davines NaturalTech Well-Being

NaturalTech Energizing

For more serious issues please contact your dermatologist.

If you suffer from seasonal or hormonal hair loss you can start this regimen today. Feel free to contact me for your hair prescription today.

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