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Why You Need OLAPLEX

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Whether your hair is Color Treated, Texture Treated, Virgin, it is damaged on a daily basis. OLAPLEX assists in both preventing that damage and repairing it, returning the hair to a virgin-like state. If your hair is lacking shine and body, is dull or dry, these are all related to broken disulfide bonds. Disulfide bonds give hair its structure, strength, and stability.

Olaplex repairs the hairs' broken bonds from the inside out leaving you healthy shiny hair.


To get the maximum benefits of Olaplex, treatments are a necessary part of the rebuilding of disulfide bonds. It can be an in-salon stand-alone treatment (No.1 & No. 2)or it can be added to a chemical service or there is an at-home treatment (No.0 &No.3).

No 0 No 3 olaplex
At home treatment

OLAPLEX is great for all hair types and you can not overuse the products, however, it's highly concentrated so you can use too much at one time. Depending on your hair type a pea size to nickel can be used.

VIRGIN HAIR- It helps to repair existing damage while protecting it from thermal, mechanical, and environmental damage.

COLOR-TREATED HAIR- can be mixed into all Colors and Lighteners to lessen the damage caused by these services. OLAPLEX is also used to maintain and repair Color Treated hair

CURLY AND NATURALLY TEXTURED HAIR- rebuilds, restructures and improves moisture retention to curls that have lost their shape. OLAPLEX infuses curly hair with added moisture and condition for beautifully bouncy, resilient curls.

STRAIGHT HAIR-strengthen straight hair, improving manageability, movement, and shine.

TEXTURE SERVICES (PERMANENT WAVES, RELAXERS, THERMAL STRAIGHTENING/RECONDITIONING)-helps to maintain the integrity of the hair before, during, and after all texture services. They last longer, and the hair stays in better condition when OLAPLEX is used correctly.

EXTENSIONS- can be used on all 100% human hair extensions.

Your hair is an investment and the only accessory that you never take off. Olaplex makes healthy beautiful shiny hair achievable for everybody.

Now is the time to get your hair regimen started.

For the month of March

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